Mike Mitchell "What's Wrong?"

Mike Mitchell "What's Wrong?" Produced by Cedric Moore Mike's Meinl Cymbals set-up from left to right, if sitting behind the kit, is as follows: - 18" Byzance Dual Crash with a - 10" Byzance...

Mike Mitchell - Time Is Now

Here's a video that Meinl Cymbal artist Mike Mitchell put together of him jamming to a track by Jerome Flood called "Time Is Now." Mike currently mans the drum chair for the legendary Stanley...

Mike Mitchell Loses It HD

The Steelers' Mike Mitchell completely lost it when officials called him for a facemask penalty against the Cleveland Browns. His reaction is hilarious.

Mike Mitchell: Drum Solo

Mike Mitchell: Drum Solo provided by Meinl ...more MIKE MITCHELL here: http://www.drummerworld.com/drummers/Mike_Mitchell.html.

Mike Mitchell "Humpty Dumpty"

Artist - Mike Mitchell Song - "Humpty Dumpty" Mike's cymbal set up from left to right, if sitting behind the kit - - Stack - Byzance 20" Vintage Trash Crash (bottom) / Soundcaster Custom...